Cn. Lentulus quaestor, praefectus of Italia and legatus pro praetore of Pannonia has announced the 19th Birthday Program for Nova Roma, a live event open to all. The 1st of March, the Concordialia is the celebration of the founding of Nova Roma in 1998, March 1, by Cassius and Vedius. This is the celebration of […]

On 1st March, Nova Roma will celebrate Her 19th birthday. Our Non-corporate Magistrates are preparing the festive programs to mark this occasion. Comment on the page if you have ideas or suggestions about the anniversary programs.

Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Alexander interrex Senatui Populoque Novo Romano s. p. d. I have received the final results approved by both diribitors and by our Censor. This is the final results of consular election that we held in the non-corporate Comitia Centuriata: THE VOTES OF THE CENTURIES Number of centuries voting for Cn. Cornelius Lentulus […]

Purchased some time ago, to prevent poaching from less than scrupulous individuals, this domain is being turned into a basic informational site and record for the Nova Roma Restoration Movement. Please forgive the sparseness of the site.  Its contents will be decided by Nova Roma’s noncorporate Interrex and, after him, our Consuls. Though composed of […]