LUDI MEGALENSES | “Ludi Scaenici” theater game in honor of Magna Mater, titled “Lemuralia – The Other Budapest”

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LUDI MEGALENSES | "Ludi Scaenici" roleplaying theater play in honor of Magna Mater, titled “Lemuralia – The Other…

Posted by Nova Roma on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

According to Roman tradition, Magna Mater was honored by a live roleplaying theater play as an offering by Nova Roma on the Nones of April (5th April), in the very appropriate location of the Roman Lapidarium of the Hungarian National Museum. Our Pannonian burgus, Colonia Rostallo was invited to take part in the organization of the event organized and created by Parallel Worlds Foundation. The play was titled “Lemuralia – The Other Budapest” and was based on an urban fantasy about a surviving Roman underworld under the modern day city of Budapest. This roleplaying theater play served as the main event of our current Megalesia celebrations this year. Pontifex Cn. Lentulus, quaestor and praefectus rei publicae, legatus pro praetore of the local Nova Roman province, Pannonia, opened the roleplaying theater play with a Megalesia prayer to Magna Mater for the Nova Roman Nation, and offered the play as a sacrifice to Magna Mater for Nova Roma and for our local Nova Roman communities. The play also ended with a ritual offering to Magna Mater, and was followed by a festive party. Actors in the roleplaying theater included citizens C. Villius Vulso, C. Villius Macro, Claudia Vibiana, M. Valerius Maximus and Cn. Cornelius Lentulus.