20th ANNIVERSARY OF NOVA ROMA | Celebrating the Concordialia, the birthday of Nova Roma with a series of festive events

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The Kalends of March, 1st March. Twenty years ago on this date, Nova Roma was founded thanks in large measure to Cassius and Vedius, whom we shall always honor. Our Republic has since spread far and wide and the historic body of our citizenship numbers in the thousands. Having reached this milestone, we should all be proud of our Republic’s achievements. It is not an exaggeration to say that Nova Roma is the major proponent in today’s world of Romanitas. On the Ides of October last year, we celebrated the technical completion of Nova Roma’s founding at the October Horse ritual under the organization of Pontifex Lentulus.

In a few weeks, dozens of our citizens will meet in our eternal home city at the Parilia to celebrate the Birthday of Rome. Amidst the festivities and parades, plans for our future activity will be discussed. The growing amount of local activity energizes the heartbeat of Nova Roma. We recently emerged from a difficult period and now that we are once again free and active our future is unlimited. May the gods look with favor upon our Republic and upon all of our citizens, associates and friends.

Concordialia ritual this year for the 20th Anniversary

Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus has offered the Concordialia ritual today (1st March) for the 20th Anniversary of Nova Roma. Cn. Lentulus offered the main Concordia-ritual for the jubilee, and a sacrifice to Iuppiter, Mars, Iuno and Dea Nova Roma. It was a gathering and grand celebration of the 20th birthday of Nova Roma with 5 different Roman reenactor communities affiliated to Nova Roma coming together in honor of this milestone in New Roman History. There was a magnificent sacrifice to Concordia, patroness of Nova Roma, there were gladiatorial combats, which were part of the online gladiatorial games, a legionary parade, wine, Roman food, cookies and the good company of Nova Romans, a big celebration and gathering.

At the same time, all priests, governors and officials of Nova Roma, who aren’t able to be present in person, were offering rituals to Concordia, Iuppiter and Mars for our 20th Anniversary, at their location.

Some photos and videos: https://www.facebook.com/novaroma.org/posts/10156748543576002