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P. Annaeus, one of our 4 consular tribunes, have just officially opened the LUDI APOLLINARES of Nova Roma. This has been his message TO YOU, FELLOW NOVA ROMANS:

“It is with the utmost pleasure that I hereby announce the official opening of the Ludi Apollinares for the year 2770 a.U.c. These Games are held in honor of the Sacred 20th Year of Nova Roma. The main ritual to Apollo will be performed on July 13 by Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, but religious citizens can and should pray to Apollo each day from the opening to the closing.”

The Games will include three main events, articulated as follows:

1) A history contest, managed and organized by the most honorable Consular Tribune, C. Claudius Quadratus;
2) A special edition of Ipse Dixit, the recurring contest of the most honorable Consular Tribune, P. Annaeus Placidus, a contest about Latin quotations, starting tomorrow and ending on July 14.
3) A Virtual Chariot Race, to be run in a single five-lap race on July 13, organized by the same P. Annaeus Placidus, Consular Tribune.

Participation and subscription rules for all three events will be announced in the mailing lists of Nova Roma.


Happy Apollinaria to you all!