STATE MOURNING | For the Censorial Funeral of M. Minucius Audens

[[Message from the Consul]] It is with great sadness that I call the attention of all citizens and friends of Nova Roma that we observe today the first day of the three-day long state mourning for our esteemed M. Minucius Audens. The three days of state mourning were declared Dies Nefasti Publici (NP), and, according […]

Ludi Vicennales Winner Announcement

Nova Roma has completed 20 years and has celebrated its 20th Anniversary, the Sacred Year of Concordia with great pomp, with various public events and festivals, including a 20th Anniversary celebration in the city of Rome, Herself, and various online games and competitions. This is the official announcement of the results and the proclamation of […]

Nova Roma participated on 12 August at the international Nicopolis Ad Istrum Festival, in Nikyup, Bulgaria, an international Roman festival of Veliko Tarnovo city. The event was organized by A. Vitellius Celsus, praefectus of the Bulgarian Nova Romans. This event hosted the interprovincial convention of Bulgarian Nova Romans, led by praefectus A. Vitellius, and a […]

Our traditional annual Nova Roma Summer Camp in Pannonia has been opened today, in the name of Legatus Pro Praetore Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, by Praefectus C. Villius Vulso, in the local chapter of Nova Roma, burgus Colonia Rostallo, located in the Zemplén Mountains of Hungary, in the NR Regio Rostallonensis of Pannonia Pannonia of Nova […]

P. Annaeus, one of our 4 consular tribunes, have just officially opened the LUDI APOLLINARES of Nova Roma. This has been his message TO YOU, FELLOW NOVA ROMANS: “It is with the utmost pleasure that I hereby announce the official opening of the Ludi Apollinares for the year 2770 a.U.c. These Games are held in […]

Quaestor and praefectus officio tribunicio praetorio of Nova Roma, pontifex Cn. Lentulus, governor of NR Pannonia and Italia, in an event of our allied Legio II Adiutrix, offered a cleansing ritual against the malevolent spirits, the Lemures, on the day of Lemuria, May 13, with amazing good signs (look at the pigeon during the offering […]

PROGRAM SCHEDULE Provided for your entertainment in the name of the tribuni militum cos. pot., this is the program scheduled for the 19th Anniversary Ludi Novi Romani inaugurating the beginning of our Sacred 20th Year: March 1-15: “C. IULIUS CAESAR” LITERAY CONTEST: entry until the Ides, 15 March March 2-13: CERTAMEN POETICUM (poetry contest): entry […]