Mission Statement

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This is our temporary website while our official website is being restored. Our official website and the Nova Roma Wiki, containing a lot of valuable articles and studies written about Roman culture, can be found here:


but it is currently out of date and we cannot update it until we resolve the legal dispute with the perpetrators of the corporate coup:

Over two decades of existence, Nova Roma produced several activities including Roman festivals, games, reenactment events, cultural contests, books, literature including poetry and prose, and Roman community meetups all around the world, and built an informative website that helps people to get introduced into Roman culture. Our articles about Romanitas and the reports of our activities with photos and videos can be found on our official website, linked above.

Our Official Website’s Main Portals are:

This present website that you are reading right now is a basic informational website and record for the res publica and citizen community of Nova Roma, that is, the loyal citizens of Nova Roma who wish to support and continue the mission of Nova Roma started in 1998, and to do so in an environment free from the corporate coup d’état of Caesar and Sulla.

Our mission here is to save the corporation of Nova Roma from the corporate crisis caused by Caesar and Sulla, from the harm and mismanagement done to it by its careless and abusive leadership, and to give the corporation back to its members. To this end, we commit ourselves to use the legal means granted to us by the laws on corporations in the State of Maine (where Nova Roma, Inc. is registered), while we support and keep alive the mission of Nova Roma, as our goal, first and foremost, is to serve the interests and well-being of the corporation of Nova Roma, Inc. above all. Therefore, besides the urgent and immediate goal of resolving the corporate crisis, our activities are also focused on promoting Nova Roma in the following areas:

  • Promoting, advertising and serving the goals and interests of Nova Roma, Inc.
  • The Roman religion and the cultus deorum
  • Roman reenactment and supporting the worldwide reenactor communities
  • Promoting Roman culture and knowledge
  • Living Latin language and the promotion of Latin
  • Academic work and studies on Romanitas
  • Supporting and providing an international network for other groups who share the same mission of promoting Roman history, culture, arts, language, literature, virtues and religion
  • Reconstructing the civic life of the Roman republic and its institutions for a modern audience
  • Building a living Roman community of friendship and brotherhood where members support and respect each other
  • Serving as the international home of the Roman nation reborn


This website (nova-roma.org) does not represent the corporate body of Nova Roma. In macronational terms, we are not a legal person, but simply an unofficial movement of the members and supporters of Nova Roma who seek to restore Nova Roma to its original goals of promoting education, culture and community as determined by the Declaration of Nova Roma, and by our founders, Cassius and Vedius, and to help the corporation of Nova Roma to grow, to thrive, and to be reformed as a loveable, positive and active organization, which is a key to success. Our free community is the living Republic of Nova Roma, founded in 1998 by Cassius and Vedius, as the Corporation of Nova Roma does not currently represent the Republic and the citizens of Nova Roma. The Republic and the Corporation are no longer identical due to the fatal attack on the Corporation by the Sulla-Caesar Faction, as a result of which the Corporation ceased to function and ceased to represent its members.

The stronghold of the Nova Roma community and the driving force of our mission among the citizenry is the Saving Nova Roma Movement (this is the community of the plaintiffs of the lawsuit) which fights for the restoration of the Corporation of Nova Roma to give back control to the membership.