Citizenship Application

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The Republic of Nova Roma lives on and continues its activities worldwide, but the corporation of Nova Roma, which originally represented the Nova Roman Republic, has recently TEMPORARILY suspended its operation and currently has no officers to process membership applications. The corporation of Nova Roma has been detached from the Nova Roman Republic in a coup d’état“, committed by two rogue members of Nova Roma, called Caesar and Sulla by their Roman names. The community of the free citizens of Nova Roma created a non-corporate government for Nova Roma in order to make sure that the Nova Roman Republic continues to function, prosper and grow, and that our Roman cultural activities, civic life, public events worldwide as well as our online activities go on without interruption.

If you submitted a citizenship application at the corporate website of Nova Roma, it cannot be processed right now due to the aforementioned corporate restructuring and reorganization, but in order to get involved right now to the Free Nova Roma community, you should apply for non-corporate citizenship by filling this formula below. If you fill only the corporate citizenship application at the other website (given at the link above), the functioning real government of the republic will not be informed about your application and you will not be involved with the citizen community. You can obtain participation in our community only if you submit an application ON THIS PAGE. If you have any questions, contact

How to apply for non-corporate Nova Roman citizenship

Application for non-corporate citizenship is done by filling the formula below. If it doesn’t work for you, alternatively you can do it by sending an e-mail to

Copy the Citizenship Application Form that you can see below within the red frame, paste it into the text of your e-mail, and fill it with your answers. All points must be answered. You must send it in e-mail to the address.

If you have already submitted an application and need to make changes to your name or other information, contact us in e-mail to the

Citizenship Application Form

Legal Surname:
Legal First Name(s):
Gender: Male
Birth Date (year/month/day):
Your Chosen Roman Praenomen:
Your Chosen Roman Nomen:
Your Chosen Roman Cognomen:
Full Address:
Phone (evening phone number):
Email Address: REQUIRED
Web Page (if you have one):
I hereby affirm that I am NOT an advocate of any of the following and that I am not a member of any group whose primary purpose is the advocacy of any of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, racial separatism, secession, or rebellion against national authorities, fascism. I Affirm Compliance
I Deny Compliance

Nova Roma thanks you!