Ludi Vicennales Winner Announcement

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Nova Roma has completed 20 years and has celebrated its 20th Anniversary, the Sacred Year of Concordia with great pomp, with various public events and festivals, including a 20th Anniversary celebration in the city of Rome, Herself, and various online games and competitions. This is the official announcement of the results and the proclamation of the winner of the concluding Certamen Vicennale art competition as part of the all-year overarching Ludi Vicennales (20th Anniversary Games) of our 20th Anniversary year which ended with last December.

Participants in the Certamen Vicennale were required to create any type of artistic work: to write a literary work (prose, poem, drama etc.) or to submit any type of visual art (photo, drawing, painting, video, movie) or even music, in the theme of “Celebrating the 20 years of Nova Roma and Concordia”.  All submissions that merit publishing are awarded by being officially featured, published and celebrated on our website and social media pages as the mementos of our special jubilee. The prize for the three best submissions, for the winner and for the 2nd and 3rd best participants, is to be awarded by a wonderful and huge Nova Roman calendar poster or, if they prefer, by a flipping (table) calendar for 2019 (Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos., 2772 AUC), donated by our partners the TEMPLVM Project, especially for our 20th Anniversary. A very appropriate prize, as we are celebrating Time, our 20 years! Is there a better trophy than the one connected to Time: a real, authentic Roman calendar?

Winners were judged by a jury in all categories and the three best participants. The jury’s criteria in deciding the results were that the submitted work of art had to address the theme of “Celebrating the 20 years of Nova Roma and Concordia” in a satisfactory manner, articulately expressing the ideas of the topic, with emphases on Nova Roma and on Concordia, on the solemnity of the celebration, invoking or remembering our past 20 years. There was also a potential special extra prize for any special entry deserving a special extra prize, a consecrated flag of Nova Roma, but according to the decision of the jury, this wasn’t awarded in this contest.


According to the decision of the jury, based on the criteria listed above, the winner of the Certamen Vicennale of the Ludi Vicennales is the “CONTEMPORARY DOMUS FOR NOVA ROMANS” by citizen M. Licinius Verres, a graphical work of a design of Roman private house, a domus, adapted to the modern needs of the modern Romans: the Nova Romans! Congratulations to citizen M. Licinius Verres for his victory and for his beautiful creation which is truly marking this significant milestone that is the 20th Anniversary of international Roman revival! His prize is a “Roman calendar for Nova Romans” from ARX Mercatura and TEMPLVM Project and his work is published and celebrated as the memento of our 20th birthday.

“Contemporary domus for Nova Romans” by M. Licinius Verres

The reasoning of the jury:

“In the opinion of the jury, the idea behind the design entitled Contemporary domus for Nova Romans encompasses the quintessence of Nova Roma on a very philosophical level. A modern Roman house, a Nova Roman house for the Nova Romans. We, in Nova Roma, often refer to our community as a family. We, as a family of New Romans, are living symbolically under one roof, in our common house of Nova Roma, and in order to live together, people need agreement, a concordance, a common ground that we are here to be united as the family of modern Romans: this is the agreement that our Roman goddess Concordia represents for us, and this is the spirit that Contemporary domus for Nova Romans as a piece of art work created especially for our 20th Anniversary expresses for us. We see a design of a Roman house. But what we don’t see with our eyes, yet we understand behind the physical reality of the design, is the sense of family, harmony, unity and community, the sense of reconstruction and restoration of Roman culture and the center of Roman society, the familia. A house for all Romans of today, this is what Nova Roma has always intended to be, and this is what is expressed in the work entitled Contemporary domus for Nova Romans. Though this work lacks any detailed reference to our 20 years, it does invoke the spirit of Concordia and the meaning of Nova Roma on an artistically subtextual level. Besides the philosophical message, this entry mirrors a creative and unique approach to the task of this competition, it is also precise, detailed, aesthetically beautiful and a truly professional work of architectural design. Contemporary domus for Nova Romans is a not only a contest entry or design. It is a promise. It is a promise of our future, and we hope we will have the architects among our citizens who will build the Nova Roman houses of our Roman future.”


For the second place, the jury chose the work “CONCORDIA”, a poem by citizen M. Iulius Camillus, celebrating the goddess Concordia, patroness of Nova Roma. Congratulations to citizen M. Iulius Camillus for his silver second place and for his excellent poetry, which has a true classical ring to it, and which honors this historical 20th Anniversary of the international Roman revival. This poem shows a confident skill in poetry and pays a very venerable tribute to the virtues gifted to us by our patron goddess Concordia. M. Iulius’ poem is not only a piece of art, but a prayer for concord, unity, and for the future of Nova Roma: a religious hymn in every sense, and, written in this noble genre, “CONCORDIA” deserves the accolades and to be sung in remembrance of our 20 years of Roman reconstructionism. His prize is a “Roman calendar for Nova Romans” from ARX Mercatura and TEMPLVM Project and his work is published and celebrated as the memento of our 20th birthday.


by M. Iulius Camillus 
Concordia, to you we come with grateful hearts
As an old year leaves and a new one starts.
Twenty years have passed honoring the ancients;
Is there a better moment to remember your presents?
You endow mankind with understanding and harmony:
The one from the many that is your testimony.
Cultivating in humanity the seeds of prosperity,
This and much more we owe you, oh great Deity!
Peace is yet another of your generous gifts,
It brings joy to us and our spirits lifts;
And from all men’s heart you erase the anger,
Making the bonds between us ever stronger.
If we take a moment and look into the past,
We see that you favored us when the dice were cast.
Now we pray for Nova Roma to last
So our community can keep growing vast!
Oh great goddess of agreements and accords,
Let us be always worthy of all your rewards!
Bless Nova Roma with your endless generosity
So the glory of Rome may live for eternity!


One of our newest citizens, who obtained citizenship on the last days of the 20th Anniversary Year, submitted the work which merited the third place according to the judgment of the jury, and which is a poem entitled “DREAM AND REALITY”, by citizen Ti. Naevia Amica. Her poetry celebrates Nova Roma as a wonderful community where you can experience Roman history, society, traditions and way of life. To live in ancient Rome, this is a dream of all admirers of Rome, and this has come true, in a certain sense, with Nova Roma… or will come true? Has it already? Is it dream or reality? With the Roman houses of our first place winner M. Licinius Verres, this vision receives a much more completed sense. Naevia Amica has submitted her poem in Hungarian language which was translated also to English, and the jury judged it based on the English version. The Hungarian version is available under the English. Congratulations to citizen Naevia Amica for her bronze third place and for her encouraging poem that gives us inspiration to work for the future of Nova Roma. Her prize is a “Roman calendar for Nova Romans” from ARX Mercatura and TEMPLVM Project and her work is published on celebrated as the memento of our 20th birthday.


by Ti. Naevia Amica
Like thunderbolt, a glaring light
Hits my eyes: I wake up bright
In another world by Destiny:
Is it dream or reality?
Drum and flute I hear and see
People dance around with glee,
Celebrating their City:
Is it dream or reality?
Time machine brought me from home
Or divine will to ancient Rome?
I ask in its captivity:
Is it dream or reality?
Enchanted still I lay eyes on
The Colosseum and Pantheon,
Baths, statues: civility.
Is it dream or reality?
Something is off: where am I?
It’s twenty eighteen, they reply.
No time travel to antiquity?
Is it dream or reality?
NOVA ROMA! They exclaim,
Twenty years old, with the aim
To restore Rome with dignity.
Is it dream or reality?
If a good soul rules this place,
Mighty, loving, full with grace,
With Concord and unity,
This dream becomes reality!


by Ti. Naevia Amica

Kinyitom szemem, s mint villám
Csap belé a vakító fény, s lám
Hol ébredek, az nem a megszokott világ.
Vajon álom ez vagy valóság?
Szól a dob, furulya, mind mi zene,
Körtáncot ropnak, s megcsap az öröm szele.
Ünnep ölelte körül e várost, mint oltalmazó faág.
Vajon álom ez vagy valóság?
Időutazás? Létezne? Ez történt volna?
Egy égi masina, mi elrepített az ókorba?
De különös hely ez, mi nem enged: vonzalma egy rabság.
Vajon álom ez vagy valóság?
Bódulatból ébredezvén körbepillantok:
Colosseum, Pantheon, fürdők, utak, szobrok.
Róma ez, a híres, hova minden út vezet s nem tovább.
Vajon álom ez vagy valóság?
Valami nem stimmel… Hol vagyok, ha nem itt?
2018-at írunk, állítják a népek idekint.
Nem az ókor ez? Nem időutazás? Ez miféle csalfaság?
Vajon álom ez vagy valóság?
NOVA ROMA! – kiálltja a nép ujjongva.
Immár 20 esztendeje, hogy meg lett alapítva.
Hogy mi is ez pontosan? Éget a kíváncsiság!
Vajon álom ez vagy valóság?
Varázslatos lélek, mi e helyet körbelengi.
Magasztos, szeretetteljes, a tiszta szívet rabul ejti.
S míg béke honol e földön, és Concordia kezében e világ,
Álom e hely s egyben valóság.


Here follow those submissions that weren’t included by the jury among the first three places but which nonetheless merit being published on our websites and media pages. They represent the finest spirit of Nova Roma and the noble intention of our citizens to celebrate Romanitas Old and New.


“MMDCCXCI” is a novel by our most excellent fellow citizen A. Iulius Paterculus, a look into the future, 20 years after the 20th Anniversary of Nova Roma, so it takes place in 2791 AUC (MMDCCXCI with Roman numerals), which is 2038 according to common reckoning. The author envisions a bright future for Nova Roma but we are also faced with the never ending challenges that the dynamics of large communities usually undergo from time to time. Concordia brings unity, unity brings growth, and growth brings us fragmentation and discord. However, we might learn something about how to handle these problems with a stoic heart and wisdom.

You can read the novel here: MMDCCXI by A. Iulius Paterculus


Submitted by Ti. Naevia Amica, “Benedictio Concordiae” (“The Blessing of Concordia”) is a tempera painting which represents the symbols of celebrating our 20th Anniversary under the patronage of goddess Concordia. She pours her blessings from a cornucopia on the 20 years old Nova Roma, which is supported from below by the “rota Fortunae” (the wheel of fortune or fate), symbol of the goddesses Nemesis or Fortuna, goddesses of Destiny and Fate, Equilibrium and Divine Justice. Divine justice brought Nova Roma to life so that what had been perished with the Old Rome, now be reborn with the New, Nova Roma, a free community and landless res publica of all people from any nations of the world who love Rome and the Roman People.

“Benedictio Concordiae” by Ti. Naevia Amica