EVENT PROGRAM | 19th Anniversary Parade of Nova Roma

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Cn. Lentulus quaestor, praefectus of Italia and legatus pro praetore of Pannonia has announced the 19th Birthday Program for Nova Roma, a live event open to all. The 1st of March, the Concordialia is the celebration of the founding of Nova Roma in 1998, March 1, by Cassius and Vedius. This is the celebration of unity of all New Romans over the world. It will be held in the amphitheater of Aquincum (Budapest, Hunary), in the Nova Roman Provincia Pannonia. Date and time: 17:30 PM, March 1, 2017.

This 19th anniversary celebration of the Concordialia is very important because this event will be the Opening of the Sacred 20th Year of Nova Roma. On March 1st, we will open the Sacred 20th Year of Nova Roma: we place great hopes in that year in terms of change and renewal.

There will be 3 Roman legions present, 2 Nova Roman legions: the Legio XXI Rapax and the Cohors VI Carpathica, and 1 allied legion: the Legio II Adiutrix. There is a possibility that the Familia Gladiatoria (the oldest gladiator reenactor group in the world) will also be present with some members.


The programs will include a parade with march past of 3 legions in honor of the 19th Anniversary of Nova Roma and in honor of our Founders Cassius and Vedius, a pontifical ritual for the 19th birthday and for the 20th year of Nova Roma, for our renewal and glory, possibly a gladiatorial game, and a small banquet with Roman food and wine.

The amphitheater of Aquincum where the 19th Anniversary parade is going to take place.

All Nova Romans who will be around Budapest that time are invited to join the celebration. If you will be around, contact me, and we will see how we can help you.


This is the decree of the Collegium Pontificum about the meaning and importance of the 1st March Concordialia holiday:

“The Kalends of March shall be as the Concordialia the Dies Natalis Novae Romae (the Birthday of Nova Roma) included as Feriae Stativae into the pontifical perpetual calendar of Nova Roma, and each fifth year of Nova Roma shall be celebrated as a Sacred Year to Concordia. The ludi Novi Romani, celebrating the Concordialia as the founding of Nova Roma, thus alternatively called ludi Concordiales, shall be held each year from the Concordialia on the Kalends of March to the Feriae Annae Perennae on the Ides of March. The first day, the Concordialia, symbolizes the conception of Nova Roma on the Feriae Martis, the day of Mars, the Father of the Nova Roman nation, which day is also the Matronalia, the day of the Mothers, celebrating the growth of the Roman population by birth, as the day when the fatherly and motherly creative powers, united in Concord, in the Agreement of People in their utmost wish to revive and restore the populus Romanus, give birth to the new sons and daughters of Mars, the Nova Roman people of the Quirites. As the days grow from the Kalends to the Ides, being under the protection of Mars as Feriae Martis days, so does Nova Roma grow under the protection of Mars. Concluding with the Ides of March, sacred to Jupiter, Supreme God of the Roman people, the festivities reach the old New Year’s Day of the Romans, thus ending on the old day of new beginning, which is the Feriae of Anna Perenna, Goddess of the Year, Perennial Life and Eternity, the festival of longevity, representing the wish of the Nova Roman people for a perennial life of Nova Roma, and symbolizing that, by stopping the days of the ludi on Her day, Anna Perenna brings the celebration and the festive prayers of the Nova Romans with Herself towards eternity, and, under the custody of Anna Perenna, Nova Roma may live triumphantly forever.”

We encourage you to prepare for the Concordialia, 19th Birthday of Nova Roma and the beginning of our Sacred 20th Year, even if you cannot attend a live event. Prepare with a special Roman activity or program to honor our spiritual nation, Nova Roma.

LONG LIVE NOVA ROMA, soon 19 years of age!Long live the

Concordialia, the upcoming day of the unity of all Romans!

Long live the Sacred 20th year of Nova Roma, starting on the Kalends of March!